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The Accidental Husband ... NEWS

Sorry, I haven`t been around much lately. I feel so bad about it *tries to hide*. I`m still alone, as aruna7 moved. Because of this she has not this much time at hand. RL tends to ruin my plans as well lately.

But me, trying to explain, trying to find an excuse when there is no excuse, this is not the reason for this post

This I just read at a German Supernatural Online Community:

"The Accidental Husband" is set to be released on November 13th 2008

Meaning, at that Date it is surposed to hit the Movies in Germany

Yaaa, finaly some good news about this movie.


I hope it´ll stay as it is. Once it was played in the movies, chances might be it will finaly get a DVD release also. It is about time.

Last but not least, thank you to everyone who left a reply on the last entries, I try to catch up asap *hands flowers*

One more thing I need to add.

I want to say Hello to the Community papawinchester who was so kind to put us on the list of affiliates .

After jensenated it is the 2nd on our list. Thank you !!!

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