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Lemmings Revealed ... or ... Intro Post

Welcome to AllThingsJeffrey@livejournal.com

This Community is about Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and was founded by Aruna7 and myself, KJ@svala.

This is our playground, and we try to do it differently than the many Communities that are already at LJ when it comes with JDM.

In here we share everything we did OURSELVES for Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

This includes Graphics, Music Videos, Clips, Screencaps aso.

We also try to keep updated with everything Movie related, meaning, we have some Movie Trailer and Behind the Scenes online. More is to follow.

We are not going to re-post each and every single new Picture that shows up online. There are other places for this to watch.

And because we try to be different, and because we want this to be a happy place for everyone who loves JDM as much as we do (and because we are protective towards our place) Aruna7 and myself are the only ones able to post new Entries.

But we would LOVE to see you around, we would be more than happy if we make YOU happy with what we update.

So, feel free to add this Community onto your "To Watch" list.

And we would also be more than happy to see you around from time to time.

If you add us, beware. This is not an empty Journal anymore, and might spam your Friends page right away *hands cookies, just because*

And we hope you`ll have fun with the tags we picked, happy searching *g*

Random Notes:

We DO NOT tolerate any kind of discussion about his Private Life, this is non of our business !!!

Last but not least (or, beware Trolls !!!) we are going to delete each and every Comment that we might find unappropriate !!! And this is NOT the place to discuss what John might have done wrong in SPN, aso.

beside this, anything goes, have fun, hope to see you... *waves*

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